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Crewed by an ancient artificial intelligence , in turns out that this ship belongs to a third race that is responsible for the destruction of the other two alien civilizations that once inhabited the Solar System. Keith Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Book review. Retrieved 23 November Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. This is because a larger army with higher combat width will have a larger surface area of attack. If, say, the enemy has an army with 10 infantry and 10 artillery, and the player only has 10 infantry. The player will suffer significantly fewer casualties with defensive fire pips, because it will reduce damage from both infantry and artillery fire.

Conversely, if the player has a larger army, they would want higher offensive pips on their infantry and artillery because they have 2 attacking regiments for every defending enemy regiment. The recommended pre-artillery composition with no regard to cost, consists of high proportions of cavalry and a high shock pip Leader, as tier 1 cavalry has 1 shock and 0 fire modifier, and tier 1 infantry has 0. Combined with a shock Leader, the player will inflict significantly more damage during the shock phase. This also means that defensive shock pips are recommended early game to defend the player's army from the enemy's shock damage.

After military technology level 7 , the combined fire pips of tier 2 infantry and tier 1 artillery balance fire and shock pips, for both Nomadic and Civilized nations. If the player plans on recruiting an amount of artillery units equal to the length of the current combat width, a fire pip Leader is now recommended.

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Flanking range determines the horizontal range in which a unit may make a flanking attack. The base flanking range is 1 for infantry, and 2 for cavalry and artillery. There are military technologies which increase the flanking range of units as the game progresses.

Below is a table with said military technology levels and how much they increase flanking range. Morale is an important factor in fighting battles. Each day of combat a unit will take a Morale hit of 0. If it is taking casualties from an enemy, additional morale damage will be inflicted. Once an army's overall Morale value has been reduced to zero the army will attempt to retreat.

Retreat cannot happen until both two fire and two shock phases have completed, so an army that has its morale reduced to 0 before that point will be destroyed. This destruction is known as a stackwipe. A unit that has its morale drop below 0. A disorganized army is unable to start moving until its morale has recovered above 0. Newly trained regiments at low land unit maintenance will often fall below this threshold.

If an army loses a battle while having low enough morale to be disorganized, they will be forced to retreat to a controlled province owned, allied in war, or occupied by player or allies. This province can be very far away from where the battle took place. They will prioritize to retreat to a province with high development, a fort, and no adjacent enemies. The army also moves slightly faster, and will recover morale at a normal rate during the retreat.

If there are no available controlled provinces to retreat to within a large range, the army will shattered retreat to one province away. The army can then be immediately re-engaged, often with very low to even no morale, if a monthly tick has not yet completed. This can be devastating as an offensive tactic, but may also affect the player as well. A controlled retreat is manually ordering an army to retreat from battle after the initial fire and shock phases, and while it still has greater than 0.

This allows the player to control the destination of the shattered retreat. If the morale of an army is less than 0.

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If multiple armies have converged into a battle, it is possible that some armies will have enough morale for a controlled retreat, while others may not often the initial stack in the battle. After a battle is fought, an army must spend some time without fighting for its morale to recover. The normal morale recovery on the 1st of every month can not occur while in combat. The following contributes to a nation's morale recovery speed.

This ratio threshold is checked daily even during battles, and is based on the actual headcount of individual soldiers instead of regiments. Since infantry tends to take more casualties than cavalry, it is advisable to take at least a bit more infantry than the ratio would suggest. This is further modified by the following:. Each fort level increases the garrison of the province by Maximum garrison size is also influenced by the following ideas and policies:. The rate is also increased by the following ideas and policies:. Forts can be mothballed by the nation that controls them; mothballing will reduce the fort maintenance by half but remove fort level and the current garrison from the city.

A fort cannot be mothballed or de-mothballed while the city is under siege. The garrison will recover at a normal rate after mothballing is cancelled. Capital cities always have fort level at least 1, which stacks with any fort building in the province; this free fort level does not extend a zone of control, does not cost maintenance, and cannot be mothballed. A fort building in a capital province can be mothballed as normal, but the free fort will remain. Active fort buildings not counting the free fort level in the capital provide a zone of control.

A zone of control restricts the movement of enemy armies through the province with the fort, and provinces immediately adjacent to it. When an army enters a zone of control from a province not affected by a hostile zone of control the province it entered from is set as the 'return province'. In general the army can then only move to another province that has no more than one province that is not affected by a hostile zone of control between itself and the return province. The main exception to this rule is that the army can always move to a hostile fort. Please see the main article for full details as there are a number of exceptions and the behaviour is not intuitive.

To progress, the attacker requires a minimum of men per garrison. If the province has no garrison whether because it has no fort or the fort's garrison is empty , men is enough and occupation is guaranteed within a month.

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Any unit types can be used for sieging, but for sieging a fortified province, only infantry will be used in an assault, and artillery speeds the siege up see below. Progress in a siege will never decrease as long as attackers are continuously present; however, if all attackers leave the province, you will lose 1 siege status progress per day the province is unsieged.

This rule only applies to enemy-owned provinces, however - when besieging friendly provinces to retake them from the enemy, this rule is ignored. A besieging army always count as the attacker and will receive the province penalty and, depending on the way they entered the province, an additional crossing penalty when a battle takes place. Establish a colony in the Tau Ceti star system.

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Each of the three eras is played on a different board: The first era, Mariners , covers exploration and development out to Mars. In Planeteers , players settle the outer solar system. In Starfarers , players send missions to nearby star systems and establish interstellar colonies. Course of Play Players can choose to play a short game, covering just one era, or can play the full game covering all three eras and representing three hundred years of human expansion into the cosmos.

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Will you focus on … being the first to explore new horizons beyond known space? Only registered customers can rate. Very good game! I like the theme and game mechanics. Plays smoothly solo and multiplayer. Was this comment helpful? A wonderful balance of hand management, engine building, and exploration.

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Plays solidly multiplayer and solo. Great game! This game quickly rose up the P list, but I am wondering when it might come out. I have seen no announcements so far. Loved the three eras of play and they vertically integrate: the end conditions for one era shape the start of the next era so players need to play both a "long" and a "short" game. The game becomes more epic in scale with each new era, supported by unique maps and discoveries.

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