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Prefer S Dad Guys Some women are enticed by the excitement they believe as if the •JL. whole world's a theme song, being played over and over just for him. S. Paster, co-author of Staying Married: A Guide for African-American Couples. Men and women have a repertoire of ways to attract and engage one another.

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It was lust at first sight for the pouty-lipped year-old when she spotted "intruder" Dan gatecrashing the MAFS dinner party with his new wife Tamara. Jess made no secret of the fact that she wanted Dan for herself, choosing to stay in the experiment with her very-unhappy husband Mick purely so she could continue to see Dan, And in a move that's sure to shock critics of their romance, it seems Jess is willing to stand by her man if he ends up doing a stint behind bars.

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