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It is not run by an organization, just by me, and I hope that you will find it useful and that it will provide you some food for thought, even if you are a proponent for the death penalty or you oppose it like I do.

Anyway: Welcome and enjoy the stay here. Niels Graverholt. The victims are dead, and no execution will make them alive. I've heard many relatives say that they could hardly wait to gain closure by the execution of the murderer - but I have never heard any of them say years later that they really found this closure. If the dp-proponents really care so much about these relatives, I do not understand why the funding for psychological support for them is so embarrassing low or missing. How about the relatives of the person being executed?

Why don't anybody care about them? Is it civilized to regard them as outcasts too? I am not convinced that capital punishment, in and of itself, is a deterrent to crime because most people do not think about the death penalty before they commit a violent or capital crime.

10 Teenagers Who Were Sentenced To Death

Willie L. The Constitution doesn't say the lawyer has to be awake. Judge Doug Shaver , presiding over the trial of McFarland, who is now on Tx Death Row after a trial where his attorney fell asleep several times "You always lose some soldiers in any war.

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David Jaye , R-Washington Township, commenting on the risk of executing an innocent. The needle is not better. Who made up this myth? Homepage for Martin A.

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It's conceivable, of course, that our instinctive judgment of trustworthiness is sometimes accurate. So to take that issue out of the equation, Wilson and Rule collected a second set of facial images—this one from the Innocence Project. It featured 37 men who were wrongly convicted of, and served time in prison, for a serious crime before being exonerated.

Twenty had been sentenced to life in prison; 17 received the death penalty. Their faces were judged for trustworthiness by an online panel of 39 Americans. Once again, "faces perceived as less trustworthy were more likely to be sentence to death," the researchers report. Altogether, the results paint "a somewhat alarming picture of how systems of legal punishment are vulnerable" to irrational decision-making, the researchers conclude.

Executions in Alabama | Equal Justice Initiative

Findings is a daily column by Pacific Standard staff writer Tom Jacobs, who scours the psychological-research journals to discover new insights into human behavior, ranging from the origins of our political beliefs to the cultivation of creativity. Years of polling show that Democrats and Republicans are increasingly turning away from the death penalty. The confusion in Nebraska—a cross between comic opera and banana-republic politics— follows closely on a surreal lethal-injection argument at the United States Supreme Court on April The three petitioners in Glossip v.

Gross have been on death row for between ten and 35 years. Under Eighth Amendment caselaw, Glossip is a hard case. And now you want to come before the Court and say, well, this third drug is not percent sure. Under the First Amendment, criticizing the death penalty, even effectively, is as protected as, say, corporate electioneering expenditures.

Capital punishment is forbidden in the European Union.

Another Reason to Oppose the Death Penalty

The EU has embargoed sale of lethal-injection drugs because EU human-rights law regards executions as a violation on a par with torture. American states are not obliged to agree; but they have no moral right to demand that EU companies break their own law.

Both Parties Are Over the Death Penalty

The U. The stern mask of American justice is being stripped away; behind it we can see an angry snarl.