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A few months later, Fausta was also put to death, having been charged with adultery. I: ] Athens: Herodotos, , and note He knows not what he does! I am a Greek! Balkan Studies 52 69 Heraclius, on the other hand, is totally embedded in the Graeco-Christian ideal. Revenge for the True Cross being carried away and for the destruction of presented as the sole motive behind his offensive campaign against the Persians Finally, during his long victorious march the emper- or is seen liberating Greek men and women prisoners. A distance of more than years separates the next emperor. Was Byzantium from the seventh to the end of the tenth century really unable to produce a single ic figure worthy of treatment?

It is true that the reclamation of the True Cross from enemy hands and its return to Jerusa- lem has led many historians to view Heraclius as a forerunner of the Crusades. Although similarities do exist, they are superficial and mostly the result of propaganda on the part of the Crusaders, in or- der to justify the movement.

The Persians conquering the Holy Land and carrying away the True Cross were in no way the root cause behind the wars of Heraclius. His ideological platform was completely different. I Athens: Myrmidones , None of the three measured up to the standards the Classics sought to promote.

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The brief account of the life and times of Basil II written by by the publisher? With regard to the punishment blinding of large numbers of Bulgarian prisoners, it was claimed that it was unhistorical and that most researchers of Byzantine history found it questiona- ble. Liz James, Desire and Denial in Byzantium. The scandal of the four marriages of Leo VI the Wise], trans. Efi Kallifatidi Athens: Okeanida, In the person of Digenes one could recognize Hercules, Theseus and Alexander the Great, while the battles fought by Byzantine akritai were also linked to the later struggles —wars of liberation or expansion— and upris- ings from the period of Ottoman rule to World War II and the Resistance.

Delta — Modern approaches her work] Athens: Hestia, , The Byzantine Empire ], trans. Anastasia Karastathi Athens: Polis, , It is considered one of the finest comic books in the Greek se- ries. In one of his interviews, Bost has commented upon the way he worked and the sources he used in order to render the period. However, research has definitely shown that the ceremony which took place at Mistra was the acclamation of Constantine XI, through which he was invested with imperial authority.

An actual coronation of the last Byzantine emperor in church by the Patri- arch never took place. The better part of the study of Kenneth G. Holum, Theodosian Empresses. This dark side of Eirene was obscured even more, or rather patently distorted. She took the crown and placed it herself on her head. Eirene was crowned augusta before her wedding to Leo IV [C.

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De Boor ed. I Leipzig: B. Eirene was exiled after the successful palace coup of Nikephoros, the logothetes of the genikon. Some accept their historicity; others reject it in toto; still others accept the historical accuracy of only some of these shows. Rhetoric, literature, propaganda] Sofia, , with a comprehensive bibliography of earlier works on the subject. On the true reason behind this wedding, i. Balkan Studies 52 75 The circle of Byzantine women is rounded off with the presentation of Anna Comnena76 and the deeds of her father, Alexios I. The gifted emperor managed to instill respect to both friend and foe, to reap huge benefits for the beleaguered em- pire.

Thus, in its struggle with various enemies, Hellenism77 proved victorious. Anna Comnena was just a vehicle used by the dramatist the script was written by Sophia Mavroeidi- Papadaki. Generally speaking, every one of the Byzantine issues of Classics Illustrated rested on historical truth and, with the exception of Basil II, followed the historical realities of the age.

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However, there were distortions, fabrications and suppressions that have already been mentioned or implied, but not exhaustively. It is impossible, within the constraints of a limited study of the subject, to highlight and analyze the deliberate misrepresentations, historical mistakes and anachronisms —most of them blatant— that have been located both in the text and in the illustrations.

After point- ing out that each title could by itself form the subject of a separate study, I will limit myself here to only a handful of characteristic mistakes and misses. Historical realities that failed to conform to the ideals set forth above and to the general educational policy were suppressed.

In the Classics issue, Eudokia decided on her own to leave Constantinople and retire in self- imposed exile to Jerusalem, because she could no longer tolerate the spineless, inactive Theodosius. As far as the artwork is concerned —for which those who are more qualified than than me would have plenty to observe and comment upon— howlers are both numer- merous and diverse. Despite the fact that talented artists and engravers worked on the the illustration, the period was not faithfully rendered.

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The rise of an empress], trans. Leonidas Karatzas Athens: Okeanida, , esp.

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On the other hand, there were serious suspicions that a roman- tic liaison existed between her and John Tzimiskes, whom she never married, since he gave in to the demand of the Patriarch to cast her out of the palace. The date of the introduction of the double-headed eagle in Byzantium has been much discussed. See ed. Very few had either the opportunity or the ability to acquire basic reading and writing skills, while women who advanced beyond that level, especially in the Middle Byzantine period, were even fewer in number. They took an active part in defense during sieges and publicly expressed their joy or sorrow for cur- rent developments.

This last observation recapitulates everything that has been stated above and con- firms the standing dualities in contemporary historiography: Antiquity-Byzantium and Byzantium-Modern Hellenism. Related Papers. Publications International, Ltd.

'The Time Machine' isn't very faithful, but the slimmed-down 'Moby Dick' might be useful.

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