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I often use an app called YouVersion; you can go to www. You can look up any passage and have the app read the Scriptures to you from any number of translations.

Why Isn't the American Church Experiencing revival? — Charisma Magazine

When you do that you prepare your heart for revival. The second ingredient in revival is the worship of God. When was the last time you lifted your hands to God or worshiped with your face to ground? I think the posture of their praise reveals something about the nature of true worship. We do it all the time, and we usually do it in celebration. When your sports team does something spectacular, your arms shoot up into the air.

But worship also involves a deep sense of reverence. The Israelites not only raised their hands, but they bowed their faces. The other night I read the story of Isaiah to my kids.

The secret behind experiencing constant revival

Isaiah had a vision of heaven where he saw God on the throne, so I asked my kids what they would do if they saw God. There is no single definition of the word that is common to more than one out of five adults in this country. Of the most likely definitions held by people:. Everything they did to spark revival was done together. But I also know as a matter of cold fact the average man does not thus worship… if he strays away from church.

You can worship at home, in the car, or at the office, but the kind of worship that ignites revival is here at church, together. So to spark true revival we need the word of God, the worship of God, and finally the work of God. Anyplace Christians gather, you can expect good food and fellowship to follow, right?

Eating together, telling stories over the dinner table, and building relationships with fellow believers is, in itself, an important part of church-life and spiritual renewal. We learn it in preschool. She decided to pick up their tab as a preemptive apology.

The waitress, Stephanie Miller, waited until the older couple asked for the check and then told the pair the bill was taken care of. After thanking her, the man walked toward the door, but the woman hung back. She told the waitress that her husband had just lost his brother and they were in town for his funeral. On such a dark day, this simple gesture meant more than Kristen would ever know.

Experiencing Revival by Charles Finney

Warren Wiersbe tells the story of a Christian lady who often visited a retirement home near her house. One day she noticed a lonely man sitting, staring at his dinner tray. I am a Jew, and I cannot eat this food! She went home and prepared the soup and, after getting permission from the office, took it to the man. In the following weeks, she often visited him and brought him the kind of food he enjoyed and eventually she led this old Jewish man to believe in Jesus.

Yes, even sharing a bowl of hot soup can be a ministry to the glory of God! I think this is the kind of thing that Angie youth minister and John outreach deacon had in mind when they came up with this competition to see which team could stockpile the most canned goods and non-perishable food to be donated to local food panties and missions. I want to encourage everyone to participate in this. Choose a team and share gifts of food with people who have nothing.

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We all have special gifts, abilities, experiences and interests that God has given us to share with those in need. If you love to cook, you can make meals for shut-ins. Who better to help a recovering alcoholic than someone who fought that demon and found freedom? The possibilities are limitless.

Experiencing Personal Revival

When we start giving and sharing enthusiastically, it can change the climate of our church and even our community—preparing a pathway for revival. The history of the people of Israel is full of ups and downs, but for this generation the Word of God, the worship of God and the work of God set their hearts afire and revived their spirits. They confessed their sins, renewed their covenant with God and rededicated their lives to the Lord. Their homes were rebuilt and their nation restored. At first he could barely move his head. Later he could stand, but he had to lean on something for support.

Eventually though, he could lift his sword and save his beloved Princess Buttercup. Revival is often like that. But it begins with the word, worship and work of God. In , the future of Yiddish looked bleak. Millions of its speakers had been murdered, and the audience for Yiddish literature was practically wiped out.

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  • Many survivors focused on learning Hebrew or English—the languages they needed to build new lives. Meanwhile, Yiddish fell by the wayside, becoming the language parents and grandparents spoke when they wanted to hide things from their children. But nearly 60 years later, klezmer music is suddenly cool.

    Peretz, and I. For young writers like Englander, Yiddish humor amid tragedy is an inspiration. The majority of current Yiddish speakers, of course, are from Hasidic and Haredi ultra-Orthodox families who raise their children with Yiddish as their mother tongue. These large families have led some scholars to believe there may be a million Yiddish speakers again. But the more surprising story is the slow but seemingly steady increase in Yiddish lovers in the non-Hasidic world. This interest in Yiddish is evident at places like Makor, a cultural gathering place dedicated to New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s.

    Looking into Yiddish can mean much more than just language classes, says Zagorin. It can also mean interest in the literature written in Yiddish, whether they read it in Yiddish or translation. There are signs of this interest all over the place. Each summer, a slew of Yiddish festivals pop up in Canada and the U. And a growing number of universities offer academic credit or degrees in Yiddish.

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    These events usually involve less of a time commitment, and attract people in their 20s and 30s. The web is also helping to connect lovers of Yiddish with each other; the website www. It has links to the Yiddish pen-pal organization, which has members divided according to ability. Meanwhile, Yugntruf — Yugnt far Yidish , the site of Youth for Yiddish, is aimed at people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are into Yiddish.