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You could even check an online summary to make sure you understand the plot correctly before diving into a rereading of the text. Drama is meant to be performed on a stage. Shakespeare may be difficult at first, but the more you read his work, the easier he is to understand. The key thing to remember is that you should be enjoying it!

5 Tips For Reading Shakespeare (A Beginner’s Guide)

It was written as entertainment, to make you feel all the love, joy, pain and despair that the characters are feeling. If you need a reminder of how great Shakespeare actually is, here are some quotes that show how he was able to use language to his benefit:.

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He made us think:. No Fear Shakespeare contains a modern day translation to the side of the actual play.

Tips for Reading & Understanding Shakespeare: Includes Links to Plays Studied in High School

Nod your head a lot, especially when your teacher seems emotional. Turn the page when everybody else does. Read according to punctuation. Read with emotion. Even if you butcher the lines, your teacher will appreciate the effort and your classmates will get a good laugh.

This post is part of the series: Literature Study Guides Learn about all those books and plays you were supposed to read last semester. Privacy Policy. Search website.

5 Tips for Reading Shakespeare

The wiliamshakespearethings Tumblr has a great list of filmed plays and movie adaptations with links here, and if you want any advice on which ones you should watch, you can always leave a message here or on my Facebook page. Read the words out loud to yourself.

"Why Shakespeare? Because it's 2016" - Stephen Brown - TEDxStMaryCSSchool

Not only does it force you to slow down and take in every word, but figuring out how a line should be said can also reveal things to you that you never would have noticed by just reading it on the page. You can read up on the other stuff later, one thing at a time.

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Oh my god thank you for this It is hella helpful and I am glad I found it Also might I add something? Studying Shakespeare can always be a little bit difficult so it is nice to have some tips on how to properly study and read it. I particularly like that the article recommends that readers look at a summary of the work first. That way they can still have a basic idea of where the story is going even if they get lost in the words and writing.