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I started playing The Sims 2 in mid when my dad bought a more powerful video card, and it became my favorite game. I built several houses in The Sims 2 and played with families in it, the houses were not great in terms of architecture, most of my early houses had a single room for living, dining, kitchen and at upper floor had 2 bedrooms and 3 double beds because I was playing a family of 6 sims , example L-Shaped House But the really impressive were the neighborhoods with decorative apartment blocks, IslaSegundo , Pleasantview , StarlingSprings In I started my first website, featuring my portfolio of AutoCAD building designs and articles about housing in various countries, but it also had a page for The Sims 2 houses.

I returned in The Sims 2 in late In after discovering live chat widgets for websites I got first major feedback about my houses:. I need a neighborhood with many roads at 5 tiles apart. So I downloaded some from modthesims. The only somewhat appealing was Mountainside Village and used it for about 1 year until I ran out of space some houses are multiplied to fill all the space, but I ran out of space in terms of space for certain lot sizes.

So, when I play with Sims families, I use another neighborhood with just few houses. The growing business forced me to stop playing all games in late I played The Sims 4 when Origin allowed us to play for 48 hours for free, and did not believed what piece of shit it is. Reminds me of The Sims 1. My online business reached an income that allow me to be independent from my family while working less, so I can play games again occasionally. I resumed working at StarlingSprings megacity in and finished it in and also built a couple of new houses. My past house design were a mess, some having white fence, some brown fence, some hedges all around lot, etc.

I started to renovate most important houses built over years to standardize several architectural styles and compile a new neighborhood with all them:. Here are new screenshots of my houses on AutumnBay neighborhood… notice the 4K resolution! I also love working in Excel, making databases, statistics and data analysis.

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In I made an Excel file with list of items in The Sims 2. In I made an Excel file with list of lots in each world of The Sims 3 , I feel this necessary because in The Sims 3 the lots are fixed on map and cannot be edited like in The Sims 2. Mar 22 Original version. Lot facing: East. Pool area: 28 squares.

Mar 19 Expansions required: Nightlife only The Sims 2 Deluxe. Dec 30 A Mac compatible version of the game was made available for digital download on February 17, The Sims 4 is the first PC game to top all-format charts in two years. The game has received mixed reviews since its release, with the majority of criticism directed towards its lack of content. I played it in when EA offered the game for free play for 48 hours starting from the moment you download it, and improved the review. Electronic Arts made a huge step backwards in October The first expansion pack adds three new playable, active careers: Doctor, Detective and Scientist.

Get to Work also gives the opportunity to build your own retail store and start your own retail business. The expansion pack also adds a new neighborhood called Magnolia Promenade, and planet Sixam, an alien home world, as well as playable alien Sims. It also adds two new skills Baking and Photography , new objects and clothing. Get Together is the second expansion pack for The Sims 4, which was announced on August 5, at Gamescom.

The main new feature of this expansion pack is Clubs. The player can create and join Clubs with distinct interests, personalities, and styles where the player can set the rules, define their look, and customize their hangouts. This expansion pack features a new world of called Windenburg, with scenic neighborhoods and picturesque landmarks, including the sprawling hedge maze at the Von Haunt Estate, the alluring pools along the bluffs, and the mysterious ancient ruins.

The third expansion pack features a new city called San Myshuno with four unique neighborhoods. City Living introduces new careers reflective of our time including the returning politician career and two new brand new fields never seen in the franchise: social media and critic. The expansion pack focuses on city life and reintroduces apartments into the city, ranging from fixer-uppers to penthouses.

There are many new lots and activities for Sims to explore such the Spice Market, Karaoke Bar, Geek Con with video game competitions, the Spice Festival with curry eating contests and a Romance Festival for love-seeking Sims. Apartments will feature lot traits which can be assigned to any lot. The new lot traits are available via patch to players who do not purchase the expansion. This also allows players to pursue a veterinary career and create their own veterinary practice. The fifth expansion pack introduces new weather and seasons systems similar to the systems found in The Sims 2: Seasons and The Sims 3: Seasons, which allow Sims to experience winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The Sims fan page

The pack also introduces new outfits as well as a new career, the Botanist. The sixth expansion pack allows sims to become famous similar to The Sims: Superstar through the addition of an acting active career or a social media influencer. A variety of expensive objects are added to create luxury mansions, in the brand new world of Del Sol Valley.

The seventh expansion focuses on sims living in a tropical paradise world called Sulani in a similar vein to that of The Sims 3: Island Paradise. Other features include the conservationist, diving, fishing and lifeguard careers, playable mermaids, boats and the island locals. Adds a new world called Granite Falls.

Within the new world Sims can vacation outdoors in a national park. This pack also adds a new skill Herbalism ; a new collectable insects ; and several new Sims traits, achievements, aspirations, outfits, objects, and game interactions related to outdoor activities.

Adds a new building type, the spa. This pack also includes a new skill Wellness as well as several new outfits, objects and game interactions related to the typical features in a spa like massages, meditation, mud baths, saunas and yoga. Allows Sims to visit restaurants, as well as build and run their own restaurant. Those that own restaurants can experiment with new foods, employ staff and succeed in cooking. This pack also comes with a variety of items in Create a Sim.

Allows Sims to become Vampires with different powers and weaknesses. A new residential world with five lots, Forgotten Hollow, is also introduced. The pack also comes with a new aspiration, new lot traits and numerous CAS and Build mode items that fit the darker Vampire theme. New features like cursing, acne, school related projects, and many more. Toddlers, children, and teens can now be rebellious to their parents and other siblings. Parents can treat this new behavior by being strict, or they could be nurturing and hope that good things will come. Console:WW: December 4, Adds a new destination world called Selvadorada.

New food, dance moves and music are added. Ancient artifacts and mysterious relics can be excavated and examined. Adds a new residential world named Strangerville with a mystery to be solved. A new aspiration, build mode items, and CAS items were also included.

Console: WW: December 5, Console:WW: December 5, Includes kitchen counters, cabinets and appliances, such as an Ice Cream Maker with over 30 different flavors. Includes Halloween-related costumes, items including spider webs and a pumpkin carving station, and a new spooky-themed party that Sims can throw. Includes vintage style items such as a vanity table, new Old Hollywood inspired clothes and hair and the ability to hire a butler.

Includes items such as bowling lanes allowing players to build their own bowling hangout s for their Sims to visit. A new five level bowling skill, new themed clothing items, furniture, wallpapers and floorings are also included. Includes new items such as the rock climbing treadmill, workout videos and earbuds. Also included are more fitness apparel. Includes new home technologies to help your Sim with domestic responsibilities and live an eco-friendly life.

Marks of the return of laundry, washing machines and other laundry related items. Includes hamster, rat, pygmy hedgehog, or miniature bubalus as new pets. It is the first stuff pack to require another piece of Downloadable Content in order to use some of the content in it, in this case the Cats and Dogs pack. Dec 15 See floorplan of real house , and of movie house. Dec 04 There are a total of 9 residential lots, 2 community lots and 1 special lot in StrangerVille. The residential and community lots are completely editable, while the special lot cannot be edited by the player.

Nov 03 It was first announced on November 25, This world has a rich and lavish look to it, along with an Art Deco and city themes to the whole world. It features brand new locations, features and new characters. Took me about 1 hour to compile the below table. Please do not copy it on other websites without crediting www.

Nov 02 I made 4 identical blocks with 9 floors, floors having squares and 60 wall segments, floor 8 having 88 squares and 44 wall segments, floor 9 having 24 squares and 20 wall segments. Then I built half-height walls that do not count towards wall limit. Then I build foundation and pool that does count towards wall limit but can be built even after limit was reached. It took about 5 hours to build in October Pool area: squares.

Expansions required: Apartment Life. It contains 49 lots, of which 16 community lots, 14 apartment lots, 19 residential lots, and 11 families living in. Story: From far and wide, Sims have been drawn to beautiful Belladonna Cove! Some are looking for a quiet place to settle down, others to tango with the hustle and bustle of the more exciting districts and a distinct few who have been drawn by rumors of mystical energies. Will they all be able to get along? Default value: the price shown in neighborhood view when you point mouse cursor on a lot.

Available only for residential non-occupied houses.

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Oct 30 Smartphone versions were also released on June 2, A Nintendo 3DS version, released on March 27, , was one of its launch titles. After playing all remaining expansions of The Sims 2 during , I decided to try The Sims 3 in January , so here is my review:. The Sims 3 have a lot of advantages and disadvantages compared with The Sims 2 , depending by each person tastes, each one can be better than other one.

Personally I think that The Sims 2 is still the best! The Sims 3 returned to The Sims 1 style with neighborhoods worlds with fixed lots, it put accent on life simulation and scrap the ability of placing lots anywhere like in The Sims 2 and design a city sadly, this was my favorite feature of The Sims 2. Joined buildings from one lot to another, such as terraced houses, possible in The Sims 1 but also in The Sims 2 with LotAdjuster tool, are no longer possible in The Sims 3.

The Create-a-World tool offered as separate download is incomplete and hard to use, I only wanted to add more smaller lots in existing neighborhoods! Fortunately, you can move or copy buildings from one lot to another, even copying small lots on bigger lots, also rotate them. Time is synchronized in entire town , while you play one family, the computer control all other families.

You do not save families, you save all town at once. The lack of control caused numerous complaints around forums I am confused how the computer control other families, I need to play more to figure this out. The Sims 3 graphics are better however the graphics play only minor role in my rating of games , Sun takes a path on the sky and each object cast shadows that moves around day, instead of sticking on a single direction. The main problem of The Sims 2, the sun direction saved by lot, was solved in The Sims 3.

I can rotate houses within a lot and no longer need to rebuild the if I want to have another side facing to sun. The design flaw from The Sims 2 that whole wall under balconies is in shadow, was solved in The Sims 3, now each roof, balcony, object, etc, cast correct shadows on below walls. The Sims 3 got massive improvements in decorative functionality exactly the part which I am NOT interested.

You can easily cheat for example use a cheap paint but color it like an expensive marble wall cover. Additions: New traits, items, clothing. Features: quests, tomb exploration at three new destinations, photography, new build functions including the basement tool, nectar, fireworks, shops, vacation homes.

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New Careers: None. Additions: New careers, skills, traits, and items. Features: control within work professions and selected careers , laundry, tattoo system, skill-based self-employment. New world: Twinbrook. Life State: Simbot Robot. Additions: New careers, skills, traits, clothes and accessories, furniture, and cars. Features: bars, night clubs, penthouse suites, hot tubs, subway portholes, elevators, breast and muscle definition sliders, Group, Band, Butler, zodiac signs, new swimming pool design tools, height adjustment for wall objects, fountain tool.

New world: Bridgeport. Life State: Vampire. New Careers: Film, Band Member. Additions: New playground equipment, mid-life crisis, new interactions, new traits, and new profession. Features: Pranks, body hair for males, new types of celebrations i. Life State: Imaginary Friend. New Careers: Daycare. Additions: New pets, new animal and sim traits, Create-A-Pet, new lifetime wishes and rewards, new interactions, new items, new venues and community locations, new pet and sim skills. Features: Controllable animals cats, dogs, horses and non-playable creatures see NPC section , pet contests.

New world: Appaloosa Plains. New Careers: Equestrian. New world: Starlight Shores. New Careers: Singer, Acrobat, Magician. Additions: New items alchemy station, rocking chair , new clothing options including wings, new traits. Features: Supernatural life states including witches, werewolves, fairies, vampires, and zombies; creation of supernatural Sims directly in Create-A-Sim. New world: Moonlight Falls. New Careers: Fortune Teller. New university world: Sims University. New world: Isla Paradiso.

New world: Oasis Landing. They do not add any new functionality to the game. High-end furnishings, mainly technology such as televisions, video game consoles, and computers, as well as postmodern designs of bookshelves, tables, and chairs. New casual outfits, hairstyles, and items. Features newly redesigned venues such as a school, cafe, and grocery store; as well as new community lots including a gym, park, laundromat, and library. New contemporary furnishings and intimate apparel themed for creating romantic master suites.

My story as The Sims player

On July 15, , a Community Manager for EA confirmed that this stuff pack has been retired and is no longer available on Origin. Outfits, hairstyles and items modeled on that of the s, s and s. Oct 19 Lot facing: North. Apartment sizes: squares plus 8 squares balcony. Floor area: squares excluding 29 squares of void. Pool area: 68 squares. Oct 16 Inspired from Egypt pyramids or Luxor Hotel from Las Vegas, this The Sims house is shaped like a pyramid and feature 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, so it can be home for families up to 8 Sims.

Made in October , this is the first house designed by me where I decorated interior in stone and bricks, instead of wood and carpet seen in most of my houses. The interior receive daylight via windows even if the windows are not visible from outside, because are under roof. Floor area: squares squares first floor, 60 squares second floor, excluding 4 squares void.

Oct 15 Built in 17th century, it was owned by various Hungarian noble families. Restoration works were made from to , changing castle color from yellow to white. Real castle measure 40 x 18 meters with balcony on south side, and lies in middle of a 6. No floor plan of real castle is available online or any information about number of rooms.

The Sims 2 castle measure 26 x 12 squares but have exactly same number of windows like real palace, and balcony is in north side to prevent shadows, while at south side I added a swimming pool like in most of houses built by me. Front yard measure 8 squares to allow you adding carport if you want. Designed in September , it have 4 bedrooms for families up to 8 sims, 4 bathrooms, living room, dining room with 12 seats, 3 TVs, 2 pianos, 2 desks with computers, 2 empty desks, etc. Expansions required: Nightlife and Apartment Life. Oct 09 I made 5 blocks with 8 floors, each floor having squares and 52 wall segments.

Gate uses remained 20 wall segments. Then I built half-height walls, 24 segments per floor x 8 x that do not count towards wall limit, roof terrace with 66 x 5 half-height walls.

Then I build foundation tall like one floor and pool that does count towards wall limit but can be built even after limit was reached. It took about 5 hours to build in September Oct 04 It is a big suburban area of a city, located near an ocean, and is focused on various celebrity Sims, both new and old. Story: A densely populated city brimming with opportunities to make it big! If you can make it in Del Sol Valley you can make it anywhere. From the lavish living in The Pinnacles to the booming nightlife of Starlight Boulevard this world has everything going for it.

Del Sol Valley consists of three neighborhoods and one secret lot that can only be accessed through the actor career. Two neighborhoods have three lots each and one has five lots. Oct 03 It was first announced on September 12, This world is based on sleepy towns from classical monochrome horror movies. The whole town has a dull and darkened color scheme. It features brand new locations, new retail businesses, and new characters. Sep 09 Made in April shortly before leaving gaming world thus remained not published… published it on website in Sep 03 The theme of this world is medieval and fantasy.

It features brand new locations, features, as well as new characters. Sep 02 Story: Serenely nestled in the hills, Desiderata Valley is a place of dreams, hopes and aspirations. Many have found the quiet hills a wonderful place to relax and pursue their favorite pastimes. Who knows what destiny has in store for the Sims of Desiderata Valley? Aug 30 Eight expansion packs and nine stuff packs were subsequently released.

The Sims 2 has turned The Sims series into 3D graphics engine. Sims have life goals, wants and fears, the fulfillment of which can produce both positive or negative outcomes. A lot of things have been improved compared with original The Sims. Most importantly, The Sims 2 introduced ability to edit neighborhoods. You can place lots anywhere, move, rotate, copy them, transpose them from one neighborhood to another, even with families living on them not recommended to move families from one neighborhood to another.

Due to above reason, size of lots in The Sims 2 is a multiply of 10 of the size shown in neighborhood view. More details: lot sizes and prices. The Sims 2 base game comes with 3 pre-made neighborhoods, with all expansion installed will be 6 pre-made neighborhoods, plus 8 pre-made sub-neighborhoods which can be linked to each neighborhood and visited 3 university campuses, 1 downtown, 1 shopping district, 3 vacation destinations.

Total 14 pre-made neighborhoods with lots. Additional 5 hidden neighborhoods do exist in game files and are used to generate NPC, they cannot be played. Players can make custom neighborhoods using. Players can make custom terrain templates with another game: SimCity 4. The Sims 2 introduced weekdays, with children going to school from Monday to Friday while adult jobs work hours and work days vary from job to job. The Sims 2 architectural features were improved greatly. Under default settings the houses can have up to 5 floors.

You can eliminate the foundation, or built a semi-underground basement floor inside foundation. Roofs can be built automatically or manually, allow you to make a mix of hipped and gabled roofs. Base game roof pitch is always 45 degrees to allow attic usage, which cause very tall roofs in case of squarish single-storey houses reason for which personally I choose to build houses L-shaped, U-shaped, etc, to make roof not too tall.

If the height limit was reached, just put a dormer to unlock the limit. Do not try to build more than 16 floors, the game will crash. Swimming pools in The Sims base game can have only 4 sides, Nightlife or newer expansion packs allow you to build non-rectangular pools such as L-shaped or with diagonal sides. Babies cannot be created via Create a Sim, they can be made by doing WooHoo in bed Sims definition of sex. After 72 hours of pregnancy, a baby is born. Babies can be also adopted if a Sim call adoption service, they never call you like in The Sims 1.

Babies do appear in Sims list, but cannot be selected or controlled directly, but only by another sim, teen or older. Toddler last 4 days, they can be controlled and move around house but depends by other sims, teen or older, to be feed up, change diapers, put them in and out their cribs, climbing stairs, etc. Child last 8 days, they go to school from 9 AM to 3 PM and can be taken away by social worker in case of falling grades or low hunger motive, as they cannot prepare food, but only have a snack.

Teen last 15 days, but can be aged earlier if they go to university. Teenagers continue to go to school, but from 9 AM to 1 PM, and can be taken away by social worker in case of falling grades but not in case of hunger. Teenagers can also have a part-time job, drive cars, cook food and other adult abilities, except getting married and WooHoo.

Young adult is an optional life stage that happens if a Teen sim is sent to college, otherwise they turn into adult. Young adult last the full duration of college, which under normal circumstances is 8 semesters of 72 hours each. Adult last 29 years. Adults can have a full-time job, same abilities like teens, plus ability to marry and WooHoo having sex. Elder is the final life stage, when adults age to elder they will be 54 days old regardless of how much they actually lived.

Elder female Sims cannot get pregnant, but Elder male Sims can still impregnate adult female Sims. Adults who have jobs when they become elders can keep those jobs, or they can retire and receive a pension, which is per week half of weekly salary of the job he or she retired from, and the Sim will receive one-seventh of that each day.

A retired Sim can have a part-time job like teenagers, in parallel with pension. Add ability to go to college, Young Adult age group, Influence system.

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Add ability to own cars, and sub-neighborhood Downtown. Add ability to set up home businesses. Sims can now own pets. Add seasons and weather, fishing and gardening. Allow sims to go in vacation. Add ability to keep hobbies, lifetime aspiration system, new talent badges. Allow you to build apartments and put up to 4 families on same lot. Add witchcraft system. Characters: Witches, Warlocks. Wedding themed hairstyles, fashions and accessories, furniture, and other party enhancers.

Excel table – list of houses in each The Sims 3 world

You can package lots in game and give them to friends or post them online to be downloaded and installed on other computers if they contains all expansion packs that were installed on the computer where the house was built, regardless they contains items from them or not, they also require stuff packs if they contains items from them. An exception is for University expansion pack, which is technically a stuff pack, and Mansion and Garden stuff pack, which is technically an expansion pack.

I hate disappointing people due to email anti-spam filters. My houses are made with minimal expansion packs, even base game only when possible, to maximize compatibility. All my houses are fully furnished , except the ones built solo for decorative purposes. Curious how many visitors I have? See Website Traffic Stats page. Edit website changes will NOT be saved. The aluminum keyboard deck is wide and comfortable to use, though the rubber bumpers placed under the Windows key and the Menu key can get in the way as you're preparing to type.

The keyboard has drainage channels built in to deal with inadvertent spills, which helps your laptops survive the daily grind. This is a set of criteria governing temperature resistance both cold and heat , drop testing, and moisture intrusion. It's not as rugged as a system with port covers and a fully sealed construction, but is still likely to survive a hectic work day better than a laptop that doesn't have these protective features.

The This makes the system well-suited for tasks that require a lot of screen real estate, such as working on spreadsheets. That said, the somewhat limited viewing angles means that you'll need to find a comfortable position where you can look at the screen head-on.

The display on the Apple MacBook Pro inch has a much higher resolution 2, by 1, and a wider viewing angle, making that laptop a better choice for critical visual tasks like editing video and photos. The system lacks a touch screen, which is fine for the Windows 7 operating system it runs, but it potentially makes it less useful if you upgrade to Windows 8 later via the system recovery process Windows 8 Pro comes under the same license for free.

The GI has several features that are very important for your IT folks. First, it's Intel vPro certified and can be outfitted with a plethora of service and support options. Second, and more importantly, the bottom panel of the system comes off without needing any tools, a rare thing to find in any laptop. There is also a slot for n M. The M. You can use the laptop with HP's UltraSlim docking station, which lets you connect to a monitor, input peripherals, and other USB devices.

The feature works independently of your Windows-based security utilities. The removable battery isn't as convenient as that on older laptops, since the battery is under the locked base, but at least it isn't fully sealed like on other ultrabooks. The system comes with a three-year standard warranty with HP Elite support.

In the real world, however, a score difference this small isn't likely to be noticed by most users. All three systems are fast enough for the majority of business tasks like spreadsheets and generating reports. The G1's performance on our multimedia tests 1 minute 13 seconds on Handbrake; on Photoshop CS6 was competitive with that of other Windows-based business laptops, but far behind the most recent inch MacBook Pro on Handbrake; on Photoshop CS6. The laptop lasted 6 hours 48 minutes on our battery rundown test, which is a bit short of competitors. Most of the other laptops in this class range from the Toshiba ZA's 7 hours flat all the way up to the Toshiba Portege RA's Easy access to the chassis for upgrades and servicing can make up for shortcomings, like the system's middling battery life, at least to the IT staff supporting your users.

However, that's not nearly enough to trump our Editors' Choice for business ultrabooks, the Dell Latitude E Touch, which is thinner and lighter, has a Windows 8-friendly touch screen, a higher-capacity SSD, an HDMI port, and delivers almost an hour more of battery life. His background includes managing mobile, desktop and network infrastructure on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Joel is proof that you can escape the retail grind: he wore a yellow polo shirt early in his tech career. Along the way Joel e See Full Bio. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. Pros Removable bottom panel.