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Larry Crabb. This new edition includes: Epilogue from Dr. Don Hudson. Authentic and Inauthentic. Recipe Theology.

From Chaos to Chaos. A Call to Remember. Conclusion to Part. The Passion. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Men today have locked horns with their toughest issue: reclaiming the full potential of manhood.

We struggle to live in community with each other. Maybe our lives are moving toward a kind of maturity that will open our mouths and leave Satan speechless. But never as a permanent adjustment. And that is true victory. Permit us to introduce ourselves to you: three men, each with a story to tell — stories of sadness, joy, failure, success, boredom, passion, vengeance, and love. Join us in thinking through what it means to be a man, to live as God intended men to live. The kid in the front row with the rascally grin — that one on the far left — is me at age four.

It is a strange feeling to look at myself more than sixty years later and wonder what lay behind that attention-grabbing smile. My mind drifts from that picture and wanders off in several directions. I remember when I was about thirty.

Men of Courage: God's Call to Move Beyond the Silence of Adam (Formerly Silence Of Adam, The)

I can see myself joking, teasing, entertaining — engaging each of the folks I had just taught, with what my memory tells me was a noisy grin, not unlike the one in the picture. After everyone left but my wife and I, Evelyn approached me with a knowing, somewhat troubled look. I immediately felt caught, more than a little unnerved. But I managed to remain casual.

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Okay, why? Another memory. I was maybe twelve.

Men of Courage: God’s Call to Move Beyond the Silence of Adam

On vacation with my parents and brother, I was spending the night in a log-cabin motel in the mountains of upper New York, just outside the sleepy village of Schroon Lake. My bed was the top bunk. A window opened onto the moonlit lake bordered by a thousand pine trees. I remember lying on my bunk, staring out the window, utterly caught up in the majesty of the scene.

An irresistible sense that I was part of something big, something beautiful, crept into my awareness. In all my life, it was perhaps the closest thing to a call from God I ever heard. I knew that I fit, I knew that I was part of a larger story, and I felt stirred. I had something to give that would make a difference.

I was thrilled, excited; I felt lifted up into a dimension I had never before seen. But I was also frightened, terrified with a fear that wanted to paralyze me. Another memory comes to mind as I write. As a child growing up in Plymouth Meeting, a tiny suburb of Philadelphia, my bedroom was at the end of a long hallway.

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One night I was lying in bed, reading my Bible. I was perhaps thirteen. I quickly hid my Bible beneath the sheets and grabbed a comic book. Dad would have been delighted to see me reading the Bible. Why did I deny him that joy? Why did I prefer to be seen with a comic book?

Ask Mother what I was like as a youngster, and — as she has done many times — she will immediately reply, with a look of fond exasperation, He was a rascal! During my growing-up years, all the way through high school and college, I worked hard to be silly. No one who knew me then ever guessed that I felt called by God and that I read my Bible. The fact that I write serious books rather than cartoons has surprised most of my teenage friends.

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Have I been trying for years, from kindergarten on, to hide my substance behind nonsense? Did I joke with our Bible study friends to keep them from taking me too seriously? Did the notion that I had something to say to this world terrify me? Was I a rascal in order to run away from a primitively sensed calling to be a man, to deny the dreams that were forming within me? I wonder if the prospect of moving into my world as the person I know I am still terrifies me, perhaps enrages me, and leaves me feeling isolated, disconnected, lonely.

These thoughts enter my mind as I stare at the grinning four-year-old that was — and perhaps still is — me. As I keep looking at the picture, an entirely different line of thinking comes to mind. I have no recollection of it, but I cannot imagine the Sunday school teacher was especially pleased with my rascally smile.

If I close my eyes and visualize her presumed disapproving look, I can feel a strange pleasure, a definite feeling of satisfaction. Perhaps I like it that way. A little rebellion tastes good. Maybe there is a good kind of rebellion, a spunkiness, a courage to live authentically, even at the cost of not fitting in.

Maybe it is the courage to dream. Whatever it is, I like it. A seminary employed me as a professor for seven years — and then asked me to leave. My presence did not sit well with some of their constituency. Looking back, I can see a hundred things I said and did that would understandably trouble them. Many of those things were immature, and some were sinful; a few I would do again. Releasing who I am feels like dangerous business. I just may be a rebellious rascal, with a mischievous grin on my face, more often than I realize.

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But neither rebellion nor rascalness defines me. Something else is more central to my being.

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I am a masculine reflection of the character of God. I was designed to move into and through my world with laughter and hope.