Logic Algebra (Second Edition)

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Spinal injury is the most common cause of quadriplegia, though there are many diseases that can produce the same result — inability to produce controlled movement in any of your limbs or head. Independent mobility increases quality of life significantly, and its loss is keenly felt by those robbed of it, through accident or disease.

The World's First Eye-Controlled Wheelchair

The scale of the problem is enormous. ALS is responsible for only a tiny fraction of the people in this situation, yet there are five thousand ALS sufferers at any one time in the UK alone, and twenty thousand in the US.

Most of them will end up sitting immobile in their wheelchairs, unable to move on their own. Eyedrivomatic could help most of them. As someone living with advanced ALS, the inventor of Eyedrivomatic Patrick Joyce understood well the mobility issues facing people in his position. The Eyedrivomatic is an inexpensive way for people with motorized wheelchairs and eyegaze equipment to take control of their mobility. If successful, it could be adapted for other uses, like piloting a drone or a plane. If the storefront could watch your eyes and tell from the pattern of your eye movement that you are about to walk away, it might change and give you another advertisement to keep you interested.

A look is all it needs Image: Rowan Hooper.

Drive with your eyes! Eye tracking wheelchairs for quadraplegics

Trending Latest Video Free. Exclusive: Five couples lined up for CRISPR babies to avoid deafness The time paradox: How your brain creates the fourth dimension Ancient Earth reveals terrifying consequences of future global warming km belt of seaweed spanning the Atlantic threatens marine life Unprecedented Arctic megafires are releasing a huge amount of CO2. The AI system uses the LiDAR to build maps of the environment as the wheelchair moves about, just as in self-driving cars.

Why: To drive a wheelchair with your eyes

Thanks to the AI and LiDAR components, users can now specify that they want to drive out of a cluttered kitchen, and leave it to the wheelchair to navigate the route and avoids obstacles without further human input. We at Imperial are harnessing its power to improve lives. The technology will help severely disabled people restore their independence at low cost.