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In any case, your comment reminds me of the debate between some Reformed theologians from the Wales Evangelical School of Theology including Philip Eveson and Robert Strivens versus Moore Theological College John Woodhouse ten years ago on the distinction and separation between Word and Spirit. The Moore School emphasizes that the Spirit primarily performs his subjective work in the believer by confirming the objective promises of the Word.

It is argued that the Moore School was so determined to oppose Charismatics who are perceived to be supplementing the written Word that it conflates Word and Spirit, viewing them as virtually synonymous. On the other hand, the Wales School came across as committing the opposite error, that because the Word and Spirit are distinct they must necessary be separate. Doubtless, there was some misunderstanding in the debate.

Revival Fire : Discerning Between the True and the False (2009, Paperback)

Since faith involves knowledge, it ordinarily emerges in relationship to the teaching of the gospel found in Scripture. Regeneration and faith to which gives birth are seen as taking place not by revelationless divine sovereignty, but within the matrix of the preaching of the word and the witness of the people of God cf. Their instrumentality in regeneration does not impinge upon the sovereign activity of the Spirit.

Word and Spirit belong together. Hi Kim Sai — A close study of the Bible would confirm that while there is no succession of apostolic office for the Church, there may be succession of apostolic doctrine and apostolic ministry. In fact, there are certain exegetical hints the apostles of Jesus Christ are not to have successors. The N[ew] T[estament] never betrays any understanding of the apostolate as an institutionalized church office, capable of being passed on….

Since the New Testament does not provide guidance for the appointment of future apostles, such contemporary offices are not essential to the health and growth of the church, nor its apostolic nature [Unquote]. It would be instructive to contrast the sober theological position of the AOG with that of the New Apostolic Reformation you should google to find out more about this influential global movement started by Peter Wagner and associates like Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, John Kelly etc. Yes, Word and Spirit belong together. This guards against Enthusiasm whilst upholding the character of the Word as primarily spoken, communicative and mediatorial, i.

Otherwise, for all the talk about sovereignty, there is a lingering suspicion on the part of confessional or radical Lutherans that synergism is always lurking in the background. Word and Spirit should not be confused or conflated. But our salvation is secured in its totality — the entire person and body and soul. It is therefore impossible for there to be One without the Other. Skip to content. This is a great illustration of the dynamics of personal revival and spiritual renewal. We cannot create spiritual renewal—we can only prepare the altar and the sacrifice.

Only God can send the fire. In time, Randy got so drunk that he was actually afraid the police would arrest him on his way home. Randy, however, did not want to bring the manifestations into his church until he had spent six months preparing his people. And do it He did. Their first Sunday back, while his congregation was worshiping God, a woman on the worship team fell, knocked over a guitar stand, and began to laugh uncontrollably. All the way through forty-five minutes of worship, just continues to do this.

Wall to wall people…. Boy, this is fun! This time, instead of speaking directly to Randy, God sent him a prophetic pronouncement through a Baptist friend named Richard Holcomb, whose record of prophetic accuracy in the past was allegedly one hundred percent.

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Test me now. Do not be afraid. I will back you up. Within hours of the prophecy, Randy was in a van, headed to the airport. According to Carol, God directed them back to an old friend named Benny Hinn. The Arnotts traveled back from Argentina with great expectations. When they heard that, like them, Randy Clark had been touched, they invited him to speak. On January 20, , he gave his testimony before attendees at the Toronto Airport Vineyard. We saw people literally being knocked off their feet by the Spirit of God…. Others shook and jerked. Some danced, some laughed. Some lay on the floor as if dead for hours.

People cried and shouted. Like the congregation, the staff of the Toronto Airport Vineyard was dramatically impacted. It just makes their day. As news of the strange goings on in Toronto spread, spiritually starved seekers from across North America and abroad began flocking to Toronto. Many have brought the experience back with them to their churches e. Not everyone who has come seeking the Spirit in Toronto has been filled, however.

John believes many frustrated seekers simply would not let go of their emotions. You control your responses. Controlling emotions is not only harmful to an individual, but doing so can also have a significant impact on others. Who cares? Because you can test the fruit later. John not only discussed this issue with God but he also discussed it with Randy Clark. Grab all you can while you can get it. Take what you can while you can have it. And your parents will criticize you, and speak evil of you and say they have lost you to a cult.

And I tell you there are those even among you now who are here simply to spread discord among the brethren. And for the one who comes to bring division, to divide the Church of Christ, to cut off His arms and His legs, and the toes from His feet, the Lord says it would be better for Sodom and Gommorah than it will be for that one on that day.

But I tell you, nonetheless, that division will come, and it is even now brewing like a leaven in the church. For the Lord calls you right now, this day, seeing what you are seeing, hearing of the miracles you are hearing of, seeing the fruit of God that you are seeing, to call it God, endure to the end and be saved, or to follow after human wisdom and reasoning that kills the word of faith and brings division and justifies in self-righteousness the dividing of the church.

John Arnott likens the choice God is calling for to that which faced the Israelites while they were wandering in the desert three thousand years ago. Leaders of the Counterfeit Revival claim Christianity is in the embryonic stages of a new Pentecost more potent and powerful than the New Testament Pentecost. An examination of the facts shows just how wildly Arnott has embellished his story:. Unfortunately, just as before, she and her family are continuing to struggle with her physical and psychosomatic disorders.

As will become painfully clear in Parts Two and Three of this series, this fabrication on the part of John Arnott is not unique. Fellow Counterfeit Revivalists pepper their appearances with fabrications, fantasies, and frauds, seemingly unaware of the disastrous consequences. Followers who at first crowded through the front doors of their churches often become disillusioned and fall out the back doors, some even into the kingdom of the cults.

I will close this installment with the story of one such disillusioned follower, who called me on the Bible Answer Man broadcast May 1, Just before signing off that day, I squeezed in one last phone call. The female voice on the other end of the line was obviously shaken and scared. He convinced his parishioners to let him pray over them and they, too, began to experience what he had experienced. Kristy, however, did not experience anything but frustration. If this was from God as her pastor claimed, she desperately needed His touch. Suddenly, she realized she was flat on the floor, unable to move.

This is what Satan did in the Garden of Eden and this is what he did with Jesus in the temptation in the wilderness. Well these guys never gave up. Shout down the true prophet of God and this is exactly what they did. Midday passed, and they continued their frantic prophesying until the time of the evening sacrifice.

But there was no response, no one answered, no one paid attention. How these false prophets put on a show as all false prophets do. Even today it is the same in many Churches those leading the Church are putting on a show. Now the people of Israel were used to this regular display of showmanship by these false prophets until Elijah the true prophet of God turned up with the Word of God burning in his belly!

12 Tests to Discern a True Work of God | Congregation Shema Yisrael

In the end, after the big show staged by the false prophets, nothing happened. The altar of the Lord always points to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Elijah was pointing them back to look again at the sacrificial altar where their only hope of peace and reconciliation with God lay. It is true in the Church as well. When the preachers and leaders bypass the cross and it becomes no longer central to the life and ministry of the Church they, and the people they lead, go into spiritual deception. Witchcraft always obscures the true meaning of the cross. The false prophets of Baal had their own altar but it was a counterfeit of the real one.

For example when you look at the sacrifice of the Mass in the Roman Catholic Church you have the same kind of thing. It is an altar but a counterfeit means of salvation. Many others, like King Saul or Absalom, build monuments to themselves in their Mega Churches or through their television ministries. While all these things are conspicuous features in the Church today the message of the cross lays in ruins, forgotten in the mad frenzy of Kingdom Dominion thinking, drowned in the waters of faith prosperity doctrines, ruined by the pride and arrogance of many who claim to know and love Jesus yet despise His Word the Bible.

Like King Saul they actually reject the Word of God! No wonder the fire never falls on such congregations! Indeed it is time for many who profess to know God to turn away from the false doctrines and teachers and to come once again to the foot of the cross where all ambition, pride, arrogance, false teaching and false hopes are crucified.

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For many in their personal lives the altar of the cross now lays in ruins, its message neglected and ignored. He arranged the wood, cut the bull in pieces and laid it on the wood. The water ran down around the altar and even filled the trench. The altar was built on twelve stones each representing the tribes of Israel. For the sake of Jacob and the covenant God had with his descendants the Lord was seeking to restore His people back to Himself through the sacrificial altar. Indeed it is only at the foot of the cross that any of us can have a genuine and intimate relationship with the Lord.

The wonderful truth is that God will always forgive and cleanse His people from sin when they come back to the foot of the cross, laying down all pride, all rebellion, all false hopes, all selfish ambitions and the idols they have erected on the altars of their hearts and by faith embracing the good acceptable and perfect will of God for their lives once again.

Only at the foot of the cross when the altar of the heart has been prepared will the true sanctifying fire of God fall! Notice Elijah poured water over the sacrifice three times. There would be no trickery involved. There would be no human agent interfering with this work of God.

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Three times he did this to make sure that the sacrifice was completely saturated. It is impossible to light a fire when everything is soaked in water. Also the fact that it was done three times may point to the work of the cross in that the Lord Jesus would die and be raised again on the third day. Everywhere in the Old Testament whenever we see a sacrifice laid on the wood of an altar it always speaks of the Lord Jesus nailed to the cross of wood for our sin and rebellion against God.

The moment we move away from the message of the cross we inevitably go into spiritual deception and doctrinal error. In fact any doctrine that bypasses the message of the cross in any way is in reality witchcraft! Answer me, O Lord; answer me, so these people will know that you, O Lord, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again.

This is the case in revival. God has His time to bring His people back to the foot of the cross and there to wait with humility and surrender until the fire of the Holy Spirit comes down from heaven to consume the world, the flesh and the devil that has lain on the altar of their hearts and lives. He was reminding the Lord of His blood covenant made with Abraham and with his descendants. He was reminding the Lord to remember His people, not for their sakes, but for His own names sake and because He had shed blood in the covenant He had made with them.

Romans Indeed if God has mercy upon us when we return to Him from our backsliding of heart it is not because of anything we have merited or deserved but solely because of what the Lord Jesus has done for us at the cross. It has always been and will always be that the only way anyone of us can approach God is through the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It was only when the whole of the sacrifice was laid on the altar with no part held back that the fire fell. It is the same for us as believers. If we hold anything back from Him then the fire will not fall. If we try to get rid of our idols any other way it will not be successful. Indeed it is only the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that can cleanse our hearts from every form of sin and rebellion. It is only the blood of Jesus that can purify the conscience from dead works to enable us to serve the living God and it is only the fire of the Spirit of God that can consume the idols in our lives.

God had to deal with this idolatry, which was being perpetuated among the Israelites by the cult of Baal worship. It is idolatry that causes a believer to turn away from the Word of God and to turn to the doctrines and commandments of men. Idols themselves take many forms. It may be the desire to be a successful business person, or some ambition to be recognized and looked up to. It could be that you love television, movies, sport, worldly amusements and entertainment, possessions, fame and money. It may be you love to have important positions in the Church, to be admired and thought well of.

It could be that your motives to serve the Lord are mixed and not pure, that there is a mixture of truth and error knowing full well that God hates a mixture. It could be that you are putting a human relationship above your relationship with the Lord. Maybe it is some long treasured ambition to be successful in the eyes of man that has never been fulfilled personally in your life.

It may be that you are even in the ministry for your own gratification and selfish ambition. Whatever the idol may be it is time to bring it to the foot of the cross and to leave it there. It is time to prepare the altar of your heart and to lay upon it not only your favourite idols but also yourself. You know there is a story told of an Indian who owned a rifle, a horse and a blanket and who attended a revival meeting.


Forget the hysterics and the hype! No one is laughing or having a good time. No one is up the front manipulating the people. No one is playing soft music in the background.

Revival Fire Part 1